Ok I hate labels but especially DESPISE “hipsters.”
From the annoying way they talk and always seem to run about 30 deep, to the fake smiles & laughs and the way they always seem to turn their noses up at those that are “too urban” for their class. FUCK OUTTA’ HERE! Sons of bitches riding around on their little bikes to help the “planet” but smoke about a carton of non filtered, pure tobacco cigarettes. Or better yet, they ROLL their own. They are vegans for “health reasons” but consume unbelievable amounts of alcohol at their daily “gatherings.” These bastards really make me sick! I know plenty of people that have “been” like that before it became a fad and before people actually started CONSIDERING themselves something. I mean, come on now I don’t name myself “THICK, BIG ASSED PUERTO RICAN SPIK CHICK WHO’S A HIPHOP MASTURBATOR AND MUSICAL WHORE WHO’S THE BIGGEST DORKWAD YOU COULD EVER MEET AND A TOTAL VINTAGE SLUTCAKE”! How do you do that? God forgive me because I wish no harm on anyone, but sometimes I can almost taste the vision of me ripping the cotton balls off of their fuckin’ ugly ASS knitted caps and deeply implanting the tip of their WAY TOO pointed boots up their anal cavities! *pause* My bad, perhaps I got a little carried away but some just make me wanna, wanna… no words.
So now that I’ve vented and can assure you that this is just part 1 to my “annihilation revolt” against these clowns, I will now link a blog post from one of these douchebag bitches that believe they are supreme beings because they are now living in post “ghetto” neighborhoods. If you do not like the “hood” surrounding your plush but not much better living spaces, you should’ve kept your asses in Idaho & Wisconsin. Since you have big dreams of being “artists” and must move to an urban mecca you decided to move to the big city, but still choose to not be around the “niggers and spiks” huh? Too fuckin’ bad bitches! The “ghetto” is surrounding you with very few blocks in between. Just this weekend in a “high end” area of Brooklyn, a man came into a very “upscale” building and killed a woman. *gasp* You aren’t any safer because you live in Williamsburg asshole! Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and every other hood is experiencing re-gentrification and the longtime residents are forced to move out because of the ridiculous rents. So this makes you superior to us?
Let’s chew on this bullshit, shall we? Complete with the “hipster male species” photo and a picture of how incredibly artistic they are. How so very lovely =)
* My homie Vanessa’s comment underneath. Peace ma! 😉
Let the revolution begin!!! lol blaaaaah

3 responses to “Hipsters

  1. I’m from NY and my fiance is latino.
    No matter what you say, Myrtle Ave is dangerous. Start reading the police blotter in the Brooklyn Paper. Muggings, stabbings, rapes & murders are way up around Marcy and beyond. You could understand my concern when my out of town little sister ended up wandering around that hood at night, lost.

    Look within and try to figure out what makes you so angry! Why do you care so much about hipsters? I don’t care about them, but I don’t waste energy hating them. They’re kids. Let them be!

    • jocelyn:

      I was touching on a specific subject and they were relevant to it. Do I lie awake at night plotting their downfall? no. Do they still make me throw up in my mouth when I see their snobbish behavior? yes. Of course not everyone falls into the same category, duh, but just off of my experiences is what I based this off of.
      I thought I gave off a vibe of love and peace in that post? Damn, I can’t believe you didn’t see that. *shrugs* 😉

  2. I hate hipsters too! Check out this wp blog about it…. http://www.tehfox.com/?p=115

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