Tourette syndrome

After being told so many times, I’ve come to accept that I do indeed have Tourettes, but of the musical kind. No matter what genre, I will randomly outburst a quote from a song triggered by a phrase or word someone may say. Those that know me well are used to it and may even find it amusing. Those that aren’t so used to it might not be so amused and just think I really do have Tourettes.
With that said, is it wrong to judge someone off of musical taste? Not to go as far as saying you hate them or they’re not good people, but just how you view them? I think not. Musical palette’s say a lot about someone. Sometimes that’s ALL I need to know before I know we will vibe. Sometimes not, but still interesting.
For instance, people’s reactions to a dope beat and/or lyrics is how I base their “authenticity”. True heads have no fear of suffering whiplash to express the pure excitement of how a track knocks. We also lack concern of having our faces stay in the same expression as the “doo doo stank” when we hear an amazing 16 spit. Even better, is the combination of both actions…when the lyrics AND track are complimenting of each other. So yes, I do admit, I do judge folks off of their reactions to music, and hiphop specifically. I know, I know, I am somewhat of a snob when it comes to that but in the same sense, a lot are somewhat “surprised” of other tastes I have for some reason. But then that’s another posting altogether.
“and so kiddies…” ta ta!

“Rap is something you DO, Hip Hop is something you LIVE” – one of the greatest quotes EVER from the Teacher himself.

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