The Story Behind the Song: Confessions of a sneaker Addict

This is going to be my first blog about the music from my album Zombie
Skool.  Every week i am going to drop a new entry explaining what went
into the songs

Confessions of a Sneaker Addict Ft J Biz

The beat for this song was made by yours truly.  It was constructed it
around the time my cousins and I created the idea for Zombie Skool
(that post will come soon). I initially made the intro first as the
main beat and left it as is.  When i make beats i will usually do the
sample first then add drums, create the loop, maybe eq a lil of it and
go on to the next one.  I was working on a new computer so i was maybe
30 beats deep. Everyday i worked i would review some of the beats from
before, if i liked i left as is if i wasn’t feeling it i would see what
i could do to improve to the all around quality.  Well when i heard
that beat i decided things needed to be changed because the sample was
too dope to be left as it was, so i found a nice vocal part a few
minutes in chopped it up, made some bass out the sample, and called it
a day.

Rhymes Me and J biz are homies and we wrote this
song about 3 years ago, we seem to be on the same lane when it comes to
music.  When i proposed we should do a joint he was bout it.  We wrote
the song in three sessions (it took a few months to get done) and when
Biz heard the beat he was bugging out.  It didn’t take us long to
come up with a concept for the joint.  To us the beat breathed flyness,
and what is flyer to a hip hopper than the sneakers you rock?  It was a
pretty simple concept and we had plenty material go off.  In the first
session we both wrote down what kicks we were going to talk about.  The
main thing we focused on was talking about sneakers we owned, besides
the kangeroos i have owned every sneaker in my verse, i believe Biz has
owned all in his verse too.  The second session was more of a review
and chorus creation.  (I had got into a fight right before i went to
his spot so i was really high on adrenaline haha). I did most of the
chorus and we decided that when it came to do the last verse we should
do it at the studio. The last verse was about tips on what perspective
sneaker heads should do if they want to get down with the culture.  We
made it more of a back and forth to try and solidify a chemistry
between us on record.   Goddy Recorded and mixed the song, Tempermental
mastered it, and Rod 1 (super sneaker head ) layed the cuts for it
putting the cherry on top.

Life I have
been into sneakers since i was eleven.  My parents couldn’t
afford to get me the popular shoes too often so i was usually stuck
with corny kicks.  I missed out on a lot of sneakers my peers had due
to lack of money.  I wasn’t until i could fit into my uncles shoes that
i really got a taste of what it was like to be and feel fresh.  My
family’s from the Bronx; I was brought up on
hip hop and as much as it is a certain individuals style there is a
uniform hip hoppers must adhere to.  My sneaker addiction has wavered
over the years due to everyone all the sudden being into kicks (I have
big character flaw that involves not being into something if i know
madd heads are doing it ), realizing i have more important things to do
with my money every paycheck (yeah i have a job haha) and understanding
style has nothing to do with the kicks you wear but how you rock them.
Now please don’t get me wrong i love shoes and still cop joints on
occasion, but this song was more the manifestation of two individuals
who tried to break down their glow in the simplest form.

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