Everybody Hates Chris…

Taken from http://dallaspenn.com/weblog/

Who will be the evil villain for Women’s History Month? I guess the general consensus is that CHRIS BROWN will be the 2009 bad boy(no P.Twitty). Even OPRAH and ELLEN DeGENRES have trained their mighty media guns on BROWN.
The question I have now though is what discussion do we have to fix this problem? Yes. CHRIS BROWN is bad. Yes. CHRIS BROWN is evil. But domestic violence didn’t begin with CHRIS BROWN and if all we do is look at that dude then domestic violence doesn’t end with CHRIS BROWN either.
I believe in something I call the ‘Single Smack’ rule and this applies to both men and women. There are times when everyone deserves a single smack. Maybe their wires are just crossed that day or they simply need that pop to return their focus. Remember how you used to have to smack your television onetime to make the picture clearer? This is the premise behind the ‘Single Smack’ rule. The idea is that if you have to smack anything more than once it is prA’li broken and that applies to home electronics and especially relationships.
Lord knows that C.S. has wanted to smack me once or thrice in the years that we have dated and I certainly have wanted to introduce her to my five fingered friend on at least one occasion. That we haven’t smacked each other yet I believe has to do with the fact that neither of us is too serious about our personal feelings. Meaning, we let shit slide off of us for the most part. I know I do. My life is too short to be hitting broads just because they don’t listen to all the dumb shit I have to say. But the ‘Single Smack’ rule stays in effect.
I think someone needs to introduce CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA to the ‘Single Smack’ rule. I’m sure they will find themselves in this situation again because most of us know that the text CHRIS BROWN received was from the other dude and not the other chick. I don’t think he will break that habit off too soon since its what put him in the spotlight in the first place. Will the ‘Single Smack’ rule save CHRIS and RIHANNA from being tabloid fodder in the future? Yes is the answer to that. No one has ever called the police after getting a single smack.
Ghostface’s song to RiRi.

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