Regenerative Medicine (Re-Growing Organs)

This was too amazing!! The geniuses at the North Carolina Research Campus are working to create cells, tissues and organs for patients who may need them. Director Dr. Anthony Atala states, “Right now, we have a limited life span because your parts are breaking down. But imagine a time in the future when, once those parts start breaking down, you can just plug a new one right in.”.

This dude accidentally chopped his finger off playing with his model planes. There’s this cellular matrix material made from pigs bladders. He put it on his finger for 10 days (5 times in 4 weeks) and his fucking finger grew back! Even the fingernail!

So apparently we can live decades longer due to this technology. The though of that is scary and cool at the same time!

One response to “Regenerative Medicine (Re-Growing Organs)

  1. Wow, that is pretty amazing. All of these new scientific break throws are going to start exposing many ethical and moral questions about what is life

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