Close Driven

Close Driven


To a real hip hop head the sample is pretty well known.  I know
this is going to be hard to believe but my story begins with me pulling
a dusty 45 out of my collection,  I listened to the sample, recorded
it, wrote the name of the artist and song in my computer, and made the
beat without thinking.  When i was done i realized it was same joint.
I flipped the sample in my own way but realized i still kept the
original smoothness.  The drums i put on that beat were pretty bass 808
heavy and for the snare i put extra reverb on it to give it a
continuous sound throughout. The bass was filtered (as i like to do)
and by itself could hold the track without the sample (a true
backbone).  The beat was made months before the song was even conceived
but the verses were made with the same unconsciousness i would soon
figure out.


Originally I wrote the verses to this song on another beat; it
was suppose to be for an Ep me and Vision Quest were going to do.
For what ever reason it never manifested.  I wrote and recorded the
bars on the (Vision Quest Beat) at AmIAm and Juniali’s crib one night.
Am let me record on the equipment; i came through with 22 of Heineken
and wrote whole song in about an hour.  The verses were basically a
description  of the disconnect i feel as an emcee when i go into the
world.  Everything is inspiration, From my drinking habits to my views
on why i don’t go to the club ” Them People is fake/ That’s why you
won’t see often  with club option/ on my mind i feel out of place with
masses boppin. ( that was a subliminal diss to a girl was talking to at
the time hahaha).  On the chorus I explain that the more i work the
more i’m disconnected from everything but it’s alright i will
perceivere because i am the sole controller of what i do.


When i did this song it didn’t have as much meaning as it does now.
Sometimes as an artist you just black out and create, it may make
something and others times it may not.  The spontanety of it’s creation
was also the reason it became part of my album.  I had an urge to
record but had no songs to do one day, so i took the beat you hear on
the album practiced my verses from the old song to it, and then went to
Gro’s studio and layed it down.  It’s a personal favorite because of
its unique situation; i’m usually more planned, but it shows me that i
can act on urges just like the best of em hahaha.  This song is after
YGB because, you woke up now you have to go somewhere. It’s the
metaphorical car ride to your school of thought. Many of us have those
moments in our vehicles where our minds wander and we may anaylze 100
things at once.  I may not have planned to make a song like this but my
subconscience did and fits the start of the album very well.
Shout out to Imakemadbeats for cleaning up my beat and Tempermental for mastering my favorite song on album.

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