UNDRCRWN and Mos Def team up…

UNDRCRWN, the Brand for Champions, announces their partnership with legendary MC and Actor, Mos Def. UNDRCRWN has created a two-series collection consisting of a flavorful assortment of Tees, Jackets and Headwear. The first half of the collection will be released Wednesday, March 18th 2009.
“We took Mos Def’s DNA and applied it to ours. Many of the items incorporate the colors and cover print from the 2004 Dead Prez album Revolutionary But Gangsta, but also include personalization from Mos Def’s own life” says Dustin Canalin, Creative Director. Canalin goes on to explain “A lot of it is just playing around with the unexpected, and saying, ‘People always do this, let’s go a completely different route.’”
The first installment of the “Mos Def Collection by Dustin Canalin” drops March 18th, 2009 and will be sold on UNDRCRWN.com and select UC retailers nationwide.

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