James Jean

I have been meaning to talk about James Jean for a minute. Then I read about the unveiling of his new masterpiece “Excavation” (Oil and Acrylic on Two Canvases, 60 x 40″, 2009). Woo hoo, my current favorite artist (he is the background on my Twitter-Lol) has done it again with his faceless people and spooky transparent animals!
Regarding this painting he has said “I had the idea to create an image of a girl holding a red melting candle, the wax dripping and forming a pair of crimson dogs. It didn’t quite turn out that way. I started the painting with a very rough thumbnail and painted directly on the canvas with little planning. The plum tree and wisps of smoke and vapor, not part of the original sketch, made it much more Oriental than expected. I was unfamiliar with Fuyuko Matsui’s work, but I owe a great deal to what Thomas Woodruff taught me in art school. I’ve blogged about his gallery shows a few times here.”
Read about his recent art show @ Johnathan Levine Gallery and see more of his amazingness Here

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