Silent Disorder


With the steel splitting drum work of Nick Zarzana, the technical wizardry of bassist John Lubrano, the ear shattering lyricism and guitar shrieks of Heron Demarco, Silent Disorder has created a fresh brand of hip hop that fans are dubbing Metallica meets The Roots.
Their gift for layering many styles over hard hitting hip hop beats, and delivering them with passion, and intensity can be found in the heart of their debut album Everything Burns.
The album contains such hits as “Tumbling Down”. A high octane, gritty portrait of a world in ruins, and what happens to the mind of a person when life pulls the rug from underneath.
The politically charged “Everyone’s a Criminal”, the personal and introspective “Slither”, and the Bluesy melodic title track have helped laid the groundwork for a brilliant career.
With great songs, tight musicianship and a unique approach Silent Disorder is ready to capture the minds of hip hop and rock fans the world over.


Official website coming soon

(bio courtesy of Heron)
I am really feeling these cats right now. Heron is a dope ass lyricist and actually has something meaningful to spit. The music goes perfect with the lyrics and it makes me want more. You can listen to a few tracks on the myspace page. I hope you enjoy, I sure as hell do.

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