Black Noise


Both Aarophat and Illastrate decided to merge as a group to generate a remedy for the lack of quality in Hip-Hop music today.  After listening to the album, it’s hard to imagine that they actually met 14 hours before recording a single note. Aaro bonds his intense, intricate lyricism to Illa’s nostalgic, boom-bap soulscape.  The album consists of rugged instrumentals, along with aggressive percussion and heavy bass that allows Aaro to strategically map out his lyrical takeover while pulling listeners in. Using his insightful lyrics, and an effortless flow. Aarophat gracefully walks the tightropes, while Illastrate’s production is gritty, yet friendly and inviting.  The chemistry between the two is undeniable; and the world will soon agree. Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, lead vocalist Aarophat has been making his presence felt.  He has been on the grind recording and performing for years and has gained the respect of being considered among the most elite wordsmiths in his home state very early. His breakthrough to the world arena came when Pockets Linted CEO and artist Rasco (Cali Agents) noticed the emcee’s star quality in the hunger-laced confidence and his high potency delivery as his talents were still budding, and immediately inked Aaro after having his first listen.  He soon sided with Pockets Linted and Fat Beats to release what the world heard him on first, the 12″ single “GRITTY” b/w “DARKWIND”.

Illastrate’s star quality is always approaching newer levels, along with his knack for top-notch production, quality and style. Illa’s name now reverberates in the industry like his trademarked “dirty drums”, which can be heard on Akir’s “LEGACY” LP, the Broady Champs, “BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” albums, and on the upcoming Dynas album “THE APARTMENT”. His beats are also behind the vocals of such artists as Tiye Phoenix, the Invizzibl Man Project (Marq Spekt and Karniege) and Lords Of The Underground.

With this album Black Noise hopes to give hip hop the rawness its been missing.  Both separately and jointly these two hip-hop giants have definitely proven themselves worthy of their rightful place at the table.  The guard in the rap game is on the break of changing, and sides are being chosen.  People want better for themselves. They want a better world and they want better music.  Enter BLACK NOISE.

I’m in love with Illastrate’s drums. Fuck dirty, they’re completely filthy & very repulsive. The samples are haunting at times and provide a dope backdrop for Aarophat’s lyrics & delivery. The album is solid and I can actually listen to it from start to ending (which is a rairity for me these days), but the joints that stand out the most IMO are “Chips” ft. Mojo Swagger (offensive drums, this one bangs!), “Whatchagannado” ft: DOLO (mellow, blaze worthy dopeness), and “Midwest Kids remix” ft. Boog Brown & Small Eyez. (I’ve been playing this joint over and over since I got it!). Definetely cats you want to get familiar with. I fucks with this heavy.

Album “Black Noise” coming this summer. For now, enjoy these two joints.


Listen to B Side: “IN THE TRUNK”

Or Download Entire12’ Single

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