3sixteen was founded by Andrew Chen and Johan Lam.  They started the company as a graphic-tee line about 6 years ago, before it evolved into a full, hand-sewn collection. They now have home bases in NYC and LA.
To debut its new footwear line this fall, 3sixteen is releasing a custom deck chukka handmade by Quoddy Trail, a company with a long history of crafting moccasins the old-fashioned way. Also this fall, look for 3sixteen accessories such as bags, card holders, and bracelets made of English bridle leather and waxed canvas made by Tanner Goods.
Go here for a 3sixteen collaboration // Tanner Goods sneak peak.

I have a cotton hoodie from 3sixteen. Its not made for a woman it still fits great and looks good =)
The only brands that carry over to the other side of the fence (aka made for women) is Crooks, Stussy, Mishka, Diamond Supply Co, King Stampede and The Hundreds (Tens).
Strictly chick lines are Hellz Bellz and Married to the Mob.

Below are links to other fresh gear. If you live in Orlando, all of these brands are available at the Beta Retail Gallery & Covert Skate Shop.

Benny Gold
Crooks & Castles
DQM (Dave’s Quality Meat)
King Stampede
Black Scale
Hellz Bellz
RMK / Freshjive
Mighty Healthy
The Hundreds
Diamond Supply Co

Here is some media from 3sixteen’s Fall 09′ Collection.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. 3Sixteen makes some very nice pieces.

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