Guilty Simpson – Stress (Produced by J Dilla)

*From Rapcats

“Stress”, a track from Guilty Simpson’s unfinished album with J Dilla. Guilty Simpson writes:

“I recorded quite a few track a few tracks with Dilla when he was alive:
Man’s World (released on white label 12-inch)
Clap Ya Hands (released on Chrome Children LP)
Make It Fast (released on Peanut Butter Wolf’s B-Ball Zombie War)
I Must Love You (released on Ode to the Ghetto)
Stress (white label 12-inch)
Baby (released on The Shining)
Take Notice (released on Ruff Draft CD re-issue)
and quite a few cuts that have yet to be found since his passing that I would have loved to put out, but they’ve yet to be found.”

“Stress” (vocal & instrumental) white label 12-inch is out at, and probably a lot of other spots.


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