To Jump Or Not To Jump…


So this whole “friends with benefits” shit? I dislike the term. I mean it proves a point, HOWEVER, most people, UNFORTUNATELY, aren’t mature enough to follow it to the name itself. Meaning? Ok, most people (that I hear about at least) meet someone they wanna bang blah blah right? So then they’re all like “ok, let’s do this and done…”. They make it seem like it’s all about sex and that they can handle it being JUST THAT!!! WRONG!!! They fuck up when they start to catch feelings. That’s the WRONG thing to do. You SOOOO can’t catch feelings towards someone you’re JUST buckin! (Apologies for the vulgarity… trying to get my point across…lol). So anyway, don’t get me wrong, it CAN happen that two people start off STRICTLY swingin’ eps then MAGICALLY fall for each other, but very seldom does this beautiful, yet unrealistic situation occur. If that’s all you want from somebody, then don’t all of a sudden start to get jealous when you find out they’re dealing with others, or offended at that. Don’t get upset because they don’t call you during “normal business hours” and don’t expect more than what it is. SEX!!! Now if you’re REALLY lucky, you can have an understanding with a REALLY dope ass friend! That’s the bestest, most funnest EVER!!! How dope is it to be able to just chill with someone like you would any other homegirl/boy and then, when it’s all over… you get NAS-TEE???!!! Unfortunately, not too many people are lucky enough to have such a beautiful thing, because again, people expect what shouldn’t be. So ladies and gentlemen, if you want to straight bang someone, let it be known from the door and PLEASE don’t get your feelings hurt when after 6 months of straight sex you decide you want more and this person isn’t feelin’ you like that. OR if (ladies… DUMB ladies!!!) you all of a sudden feel he doesn’t “respect you”, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT?! He’s been blowin’ your back out and you’ve been suckin’ him dry for months and NOW you want to bring RESPECT in? Come on now idiot, get real!!! Also, just to make this REALLY clear… this goes to both men AND women (but from me, to MEN!!!) por favor don’t get pissy when you find out the OTHER person’s mindstate is the same as yours JUST BECAUSE you thought you were the ONLY one she was feelin’! That’s a total bitch move. I mean, of course, we’re human SOOOO we may get caught sleepin’ at one time or another, but don’t for once think that because someone is feelin’ you AND letting you know it and you are SOOOOOOOOOOO gassed by that fact, that his/her intentions couldn’t be the same as yours. It just sucks to think that you weren’t one step ahead, doesn’t it? LOL… we as humans tend to do this at times. So in closing… SEX is beautiful, a friend with benefits even greater… but don’t get it twisted people!!! Shit just is what it is… Don’t forget women get theirs too MEN, keep your eyes open!!! 😉
To the insecure folks reading, say/think/feel what you want about me but no one that I’ve been with can say I haven’t been upfront and expressed how I felt. I’m not mad at that one bit. Happy fucking everyone… EnJoy!

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