Working With Your Hands

I came across this article recently and it triggered something I have been thinking about over the past few years.  I don’t think I can count any friends of mine that can work on a car or do handyman tasks.  I know a few electricians and one person that can make wood tables & chairs.  That’s the extent of it…

So what happened to all the sweaty iron workers, grease monkeys and all around hard working men?!  Have they all succumbed to IT,  stock trading desk jobs?  Do I wonder this because my dad is a carpenter with worn down hands and 30+ years of hard work under his belt & has never ‘fully’ used a computer,  or am I alone in my thoughts?

Trade work seems taboo this day in age.  Men are used to going to college then off to search for that corporate job.  And it seems that’s what we as women are used to in my generation.  Do we consider a man with a trade job below us?  I know I don’t.  I find it endearing and sexy!

I know all those jobs are still out there because the tasks continue to be done but why from no one I know!?  I need some repairs done around the house! =)

2 responses to “Working With Your Hands

  1. I guess I should step my game up and learn a trade or somethin. I knew there was something lacking. Maybe if I knew how to use a screwdriver then you’d find me secksi. I give up 😦

  2. Awww I didn’t think you read the blog 😉 I find you secksi babe! You have so many other qualities that make up for not being a handy man.. PLUS you are down to learn and do things you have never done before =) It was really more of a general thought. that’s all..

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