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The word artistic integrity seems like something of the past nowadays.  We live in a world where many musicians sell their soul to make the big pay day with little effort to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation to grow on.   The Bronx born Orlando raised emcee Shinobi Stalin is the counter thesis of this new age way of thinking.  Bound to the culture of Hip Hop, His moral obligations to preserving and making a meaningful impact in the genre has shined through on his new album Zombie SKool.  With Production by Domingo, Tone Blare, Rediculous Reeplay, Juniali, AmIAm, himself, and few others, Shinobi lets the beats become his blank canvas and used his unique lyricism to paint a vivid picture of his thoughts.  With the Mixing talents of IMAKEMADBEATS and Tempermental , Stalin has crafted a piece a work that’s heavy in sound and complete in concept.
    Exposed to Hip Hop at very young age, Shinobi’s favorite movie was Breakin’. While most kids were watching and reciting Children movies he was actively trying to break dance.  To escape the poverty and the crack epidemic his family moved to Orlando; there Shinobi and his brother got into skateboarding and surfing.  Being so far removed from hip hop (this is the era before the internet mind you) finding good rap music in the south was extremely tough.  The only groups of people who were up to date with what was dope at the time were either die hard hip hop fans or skateboarders.  Having Grown up on Eric B & Rakim, Krs – One, Kool Moe Dee, and others from the first golden era it was natural for Shinobi to embrace artist like Mobb Deep, Boot Camp Clik, Showbiz & AG, Rass Kass ,Lord Finesse, and Nas.  Younger Artist like Da Youngstas, and Shyhiem were the first to motivate him write his first rhyme at age eleven.  Perfecting his craft in lunch time cyphers and battles as most emcees do Shinobi focused all his energy into music.  At open mics with other notable Orlando emcees he sharpened his skills. 
    Affiliated with The Beat Ministry and the Vets of Kin (a group consisting of fellow Ozone emcees Murdoc, Mygrane Mcnastee, AmIAm, J Biz, Clarity, P!, and Tone Blare) also helped him gain notoriety; Shinobi has had to opportunity to do shows all over the U.S. and has shared the stage with The Wu Tang Clan, Krs – one, The Clipse, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, Dead Prez, Smif-n-Wessun, Canibus, and Sean Price. He also had the chance to tour with Caveman Theory, Mauikai, and J Biz.  Outside the United States Stalin has worked with many producers and DJ’s from Europe; most notably DJ Kdelight and the Drum Brothers.  He is featured on the 7 inch single for Kdelight with Skitz the Gemini named Audio Revolution and on the 12 inch single for the Drum Brothers with Melodiq called New York State of Mind; both have been distributed all over the world.
    The Zombie Skool album is a labor of love Shinobi says; “lots of work went into the concepts and energy you feel from it”.  The album is constructed like a school day;  From the song “YGB” which wakes you up for the start of your morning, to Prophet a track used to convey walking into the class room, and “SG – 1” (featuring the Vets of Kin), which is based in the spirit of the lunch time cyphers; Zombie Skool doesn’t skip classes.  Infused with soul, honest lyricism, and beat selection that compliments his style Shinobi Stalin is on the right track to becoming an integral piece in the Hip Hop World.

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