[Gameplay Footage] God Of War III is on its way!!!

Anybody that has been a fan of the God Of War games for the PS2 knows that the third one will be an insane experience of a video game. G.O.W. is beyond your average slasher adventure ….its arguably a gaming phenom period. If the 3rd installment of this title was to release with PS2 graphics, I would still buy it and play the hell out of it due to the story and gameplay value.  Anyways, I can go on forever praising the G.O.W. experience. The only negative thing I can say about the game is the wait time gamers have to deal with being it will not release until March 2010. Here is actual gameplay footage of G.O.W. III from the 2009 E3 Conference. I’ll wait for Kratos to continue where we left off. TZZZ

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