Here is the deal. We are going to need everybody’s help with this one. This sale will determine many things for BETA (Don’t worry we ain’t goin no where.)

Saturday the 27th we are attempting to blow out ALL of our current inventory to make room for new product and to help us decide what direction we want to proceed in the future. We will have shoes starting at $25.00. Tees starting at $5.00. All accessories will be super cheap. If you spend enough money we will even throw in stuff for FREE. You will not want to miss out on this sale. I know a lot of you have slept on our other sales in the past and have come in looking all sad the next day after your boy told you about how he came up on some deals. DONT SLEEP ! ! !

We are opening the store earlier and staying open later. The hours will be from 11am to 8pm. I might even stay open until 9 if necessary. Its up to you.

Be aware these sale prices WILL NOT be available after Saturday. Come through and support your LOCAL spot.


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