Garbage Island

You should already know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, unless you’ve been sleeping under a boulder..Which, sadly, most of you have..
Discovered by Charles Moore and featured on VBSTV in a series called TOXIC, this human caused disaster is located in the North Pacific Gyre sea, stretching from Hawaii to Japan and is double the size of Texas…All the trash that we dump, it rides the winds and currents to this location.  Here are some more photos and info of how our ignorance is helping to ruin nature.
“Even though seventy percent of plastic items will eventually sink, the UNEP estimates there are 46,000 pieces of marine debris for every square mile of all the world’s oceans. Nearly four fifths of this garbage has been carried from litter on land, washed into storm drains, or floated down rivers.
The problem, of course, is plastic and its nearly complete resistance to the elements. Able to last indefinitely in seawater, plastics will continue to plague the Eastern Pacific long after new solutions have been adopted on land.” Another good Blog entry here.

One response to “Garbage Island

  1. i was JUST talking about this with friends. its unreal

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