Ancestor Worship

A ritual of skull plastering is still practiced today.  It is believed in some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures that, after death, the spirit of the dead continue to influence the world of the living.  Some keep the skulls on display in their homes.  Others worship by presenting food, money and gifts so the dead can carry over with their needs.  The food is enjoyed by the family and the rest is burned so the ancestor may receive it.  Some cultures have The bodies displayed in mausoleum (Vietnamese have a relic of Ho Chi Minh) where thousands of people visit a day.  Some in a crypt displaying thousands of monks bones for prayer. While others have a compound where all of their Kings are buried (Melting City of the Chimu in Peru).  The East Indians have a shrine (Temple of the Tooth) holding a relic they say is Buddha’s tooth.  Buddhists and non Buddhists come from all over the world to visit the shrine (it can take 6 years to be approved for a visit).  It is said to be the most important spiritual experience for some.
In the 1700’s Mummies were taken from Egypt and brought to Europe where the their remains were ground up and sold (Mummia) due to its so called magical powers.

Americans are more in-tune to worshiping movie stars and reality TV shows then our ancestors.  Even if it all ends up meaning nothing, at least these people cherish the family and loved ones that were here before them.

Crypt of the Capuchin Monks

Crypt of the Capuchins 1

Plastered Skull


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