Belvedere Presents – Martha, Henry & Blade

*At 7:50 in the video I shot some pictures (3rd page) in the area they are referring to in the Bronx.

From What you Write

“In our latest exclusive Luxury Reborn video graffiti godfather Blade hooks up with legendary Subway Art photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant to share stories about downtown New York, the early days of street art and why true luxury is the freedom to express yourself creatively
One of the first wave of New York train writers who paved the way for the subsequent graffiti explosion, Blade painted thousands of subway trains from 1973-1983, inspiring a generation of budding artists and earning himself the title King of Graffiti. Later, he was one of the first graffiti artists to take his work into the downtown gallery scene, transforming 75 foot graffiti letters into 20 inch letters as he took paintings of trains onto canvas using the spray can.
Photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant are still best known for their pioneering, hugely-influential book Subway Art, which documented New Yorks graffiti scene and inspired thousands of would-be street artists around the world, including our very own Banksy.
Published in 1984, Subway Art recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a lavish oversized collectors edition, bringing Blade, Martha and Henry together for the London launch party at Shoreditchs Black Rat gallery, where we caught up with them.
Marthas other books of note include Hip Hop Files: Photographs 1979-1984 while Henry co-produced and did the background research and photo-documentation for iconic film, Style Wars, still the best film ever made about graffiti. More recently he has completed a documentary about the South Bronx, From Mambo to Hip Hop; A South Bronx Tale.”

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