Ian 2002-10.29.2009

My beloved little baby boy.   I will miss you so much!  You had 7 great years and you gave me more joy then you will ever know!  You were there in some of my darkest times and always around to share my happiness.  I will miss seeing your head peek through the blinds when I pull in the driveway, having you curl under my chin when I’m sleeping at night,  doing your begging dances when its time to eat,  perching on my leg when I watch TV and so many other charming things.  Your brothers have been looking around for you and Loki has been closer to me then usual because he is also sad.
You were taken too soon by an animal that doesn’t know his strength.  And unfortunately, not raised to understand that other furry things aren’t toys.  I will make sure I educate people with how important it is to socialize their animals.   I will visit you often to let you know I haven’t forgotten.
You were a perfect little friend and everyone that knew you will miss you dearly.  Love you so much – Mom.


2 responses to “Ian 2002-10.29.2009

  1. Amy, I know how much Ian meant to you and I am so sorry. You were wonderful to him and he had a good life with you. I am here for you if you need anything.

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