Jeremiah Ketners – ‘Soft Wind Blows’ Dunny

Jeremiah Ketner is a Chicago-based artist, who paints dreamy creatures in pastels, and has recently painted this 8-inch ‘Soft Wind Blows’ Dunny. We are in love with this designer toy, as unlike some other customs on the market, Ketner morphs the toys into a complete art canvas, ensuring that no detail is neglected. Not only are the soft blue and light pink and violet hues soothing, but the details are fairly intricate, with tiny flowers on painted on the ears, while the detailed face features like freckles and eyelashes, the scattered stars and the elaborate forest with a floating raindrop on the back, make this piece worthyof high-brow gallery exposure. Sadly, this fragile bunny isn’t available for adoption, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this tiny character hopped right onto a canvas!”

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