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Off the Chain -Dog Fighting Documentary Parts 1-6

120º In Australia

I had too…this is SO cute!
“At 120 degrees in Australia, it was so hot for a week that Koalas were asking people for water – its never been seen before.”

One went to a house to try to hide from the heat.  The owner put out water for him to drink…

Puppy Mills

DONT buy dogs from pet stores! Period.

H1N1 and Animal Research

“Our government demands that we test all drugs on animals prior to human use. The animal testing provides no accuracy about what these chemicals do to humans. Researchers even admit that applying animal data to humans is a “leap of faith.”
No wonder, each year tens of thousands of people get sick from legal pharmaceuticals. And many of them die. And no wonder our diseases go uncured.
The researchers say: “Your child or your dog” but it is both child and dog who are being experimented on.
Look at the testing of children for the new swine flu vaccine.
As the animal experimentation status quo is, everyone profits. Money is the reason why it all exists. Who’s money is this? YOURS.
Every time we buy a drug, pay our insurance premiums, visit a physician, hospital or clinic.
The largest funds to medical research in America is The National Institutes of Heath. They spend well over $5 billion per year on animal experimentation.
It is widely held that individuals shouldn’t act cruelly or inhumanely towards animals. Yet, severe cruelty, torture, and death to animals in medical research is supposed to be excepted on the grounds that it is saving human lives. Clearly it is not.
This video is part one of a series that will be covering the fraudulent science called vivisection and it’s murder of animals and people.”