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24-Room Tokyo Apartment


Lego Pizza Delivery

Ayako Takagi x Lulubell’s ‘B Mine’ Uamou figurine

Drops 2.14 @ 9am

“There’s a love-fest going on, and Lulubell just joined with this exclusive ‘B Mine’ Uamou figurine, created by Ayako Takagi. A perfect substitute for those cliche roses – with its clear vinyl revealing a red acrylic heart, it’s bound to impress even the coldest of hearts. So starting from Valentine’s Day, get your B Mine vinyl, via Lulubell…”

Patrick Boivin / Transformers – Jazz with a General Problem

Boivin is the man!

TrueCompanion Debuts World’s First Sex Robot

“While we salivated over the latest, greatest products at CES, TrueCompanion unleashed a little bomb of its own over at the Adult Entertainment Expo (across the way from the gadget expo in Vegas) with the announcement of the world’s first sex robot.

Depending on your kinky quotient, the Roxxxy TrueCompanion marks an exciting revolution for sex toys or a despicable new low for society. Either way, give credit where it’s due. With development costs amounting to a cool $1 million, the fully customizable doll comes with five pre-set “girlfriend personalities,” like “Frigid Farrah,” “Wild Wendy,” and “Mature Martha,” each responding differently to touch. Cradle Mature Martha’s hand, for instance, and she’ll say, “I love holding hands.” Try to cop a feel on Frigid Farrah, and you might get, “What are you going to do with that hand?” And because sharing is caring, users can also build custom profiles online and send them to friends.

The Roxxxy TrueCompanon will be available next week for $7,000 to $9,000. At that price, you might want to think about investing in an online dating service and an all-new wardrobe instead. [From: Gearlog and Voxy]”

The Fastest Yellow & Red

Temp – The “Eyewriter”