Mom in NY crash that killed 8

The other day I watched a show (Dateline or something) about 24 year old Martin Heidgen, who got wasted, drove and hit a limo head on on the highway (video below).  The limo contained a family who was coming home from a wedding.  The impact killed the limo driver instantly and beheaded the family’s young daughter, who was a flower girl in the wedding.  This happened in 2005 and he was the 1st person to get a severe punishment (convicted of second degree murder and got 18 to life) due to a drunk driving accident.

Today I hear about this woman killing 8 people in a drunk driving related crash last week.  Horrible…

I have plenty of friends that have gotten DUI’s, some have gotten multiple.  Shit, even my pops has gotten one.   I can admit that I am also guilty of driving or being in the car of someone that has been drinking.  No one I know gets so shit faced that they don’t know whats going on.  Does that make it right?  No. Will I drink and drive again in the future.  Probably.  But after seeing these stories and videos I will definitely be more conscious of my choices before driving.. With that said, I don’t normally have enough to drink to make myself a liability but that still doesn’t make it right.  People want the offenders dead, locked up with rapists and murders, even if they were decent people.  The families will mourn forever.  Its a lose lose situation.  It seems somewhat taboo.  People do it and don’t talk about it, or when they do talk about it they do it in shame.  Alcohol is sold legally in bars and stores.  Easily obtained by underage kids.  I think stricter laws and education will be the best solution.  Maybe more public transportation options. Someone that has power needs to create a better plan.  Maybe the harsh repercussions will make a difference.  Who knows =(

5 responses to “Mom in NY crash that killed 8

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  2. I think you are an idiot!! Alcohol doesn’t need to be more regulated, there doesn’t need to be more public transportation…natural selection needs to just hurry up and weed out the morons like you. I have on many occasions gone to a bar and gotten completely wasted. Have I ever drove myself home afterwards? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I can get so drunk that I don’t know what I did, or I’ll wake up on the front lawn, but I know I’m too wasted to drive!!! Grow up and if you can’t handle your alcohol like a responsible adult, join AA!!

  3. Not everyone can be perfect like you.. And with your choice of words, I see you have some personal issues of your own =)
    I sure am glad I wont be around when ‘natural selection’ kicks in (if ever). I like living with a society that has flaws. I’ll leave the ‘robot’ style of thinking for your childern and their children etc..
    I bet you’re a Republican =) Thanks for reading Cyndi!

  4. Damn I just spent like 15mins responding and submitted but it said I needed EMAIL.. hit back and lost it all!! GRRRRRR

    Basically I said that sadly enough the majority of people, including myself has thought the same way you have.. about not drinking that much to even cause harm.. but suprisingly we dont realize how much liquor we are actually drinking.. You are not supposed to have no more than 1 drink every hour..and what I mean by a drink.. is not the actual glass .. A drink is really conisdered to be 1 ounce of Liq (4oz of wine, and 12oz of beer).. So most of our mixed drinks have much more than 1 ounce.. especially Margaritas (is considered about 4 drinks) and Long Islands (5-7 drinks) in just 1 CUP!! SO say for instance you are out.. have 3 Long Islands.. basically you couldve had 21 drinks that nite.. butyou feel perfectly fine.. because ur tolerance level has risen so high you dont feel any “drunk” signs.. The only way to be sure is NOT to drink and drive AT ALL.. Your life or someone elses life is not worth it.. Believe me I know because I came SO close. It sounds so far fetched to go out and not drink a few then drive home.. but seriously its not worth it.. but what can be done..bc we have to get there and get back home.. I agree with u.. I wish they would enhance the public transportation to have something available in large areas with Bars/Clubs to give options to people. But would that really fix it? Bc when I totaled my car.. I felt completely capable of driving.. I didnt feel “wasted” at all.. even made it 2mins from my house.. from a 25 min ride..the only thing that one can do.. is NOT drink and drive.. thats the only solution..

    But also to Cyndi.. I really hope you came back and REREAD what you wrote and how u really sound.. UMMMM to quote you.. “I can get so drunk that I don’t know what I did, or I’ll wake up on the front lawn, but I know I’m too wasted to drive!!!” SERIOUSLY.. WTF.. U know not to drive but U dont know how to make it to your front door to get inside? WOW. And if you cant remember what you did.. how do you know that just one time.. you might just get that feeling that you are perfectly fine to drive and have one of ur “Blackouts”.. Please I really hope you are a like 18 yrs old.. Because a GROWN woman should never let herself get like that.. Forget about driving you should thank God uve never been raped! SMH.. I just pray you NEVER have to experience anything Im going through.. Before you Judge others.. Please evaluate yourself.

  5. I hate when that happens..I always try to remember to copy before sending =(

    You are right..its like one shot per drink, per hour..and where we go to drink, its like a quarter under the rim of the glass of alcohol..crazy!! peoples lives are definitely not worth the carelessness, that’s for sure..
    Some cities have good public transportation but places like Orlando are horrible!
    And if Cyndi would have gone about her point differently I probably would have listened and considered what she was saying but of course no one is going to respond positively to hostility..

    Anyway, thanks for reading P =) XO

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